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Kate Hoyland

I have worked for many years with people who have experienced trauma, bereavement and transitions of all kinds, or who simply feel not right in themselves following adverse life circumstances. Such experiences can result in many difficulties: feelings of dread, anger, shame or estrangement from yourself, your body and the world. 


My aim is to offer you full acceptance of where you are now, and a safe and genuine relationship in which you can flourish. I offer walking sessions in which movement and contact with the natural world accompanies our sessions, and online sessions in which you can work in the safety and comfort of your own home.


I work with adults of all ages, and I welcome clients of all backgrounds, sexualities, relationship styles and gender identifications. I have a particular interest in the parenting of children of diverse gender identities and sexualities, and I am a member of the Person Centred Association’s special interest group in Gender, Sexuality and Relationship Diversity. My pronouns are she/her.


While the core of my work is within the person-centred approach, which says that psychological wellbeing relates to the unique ways all of us find meaning and can be ourselves within the circumstances of our lives, I am also trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which looks at how patterns of belief and behaviour can have an impact on how we are in the world, and Focussing, which listens to the unique quiet voice of the bodily felt sense. I bring all these perspectives to my work, and in my responses to you.

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My Background

I have always had a fascination for people and their stories, and in a previous life I worked as a BBC journalist covering international news. For a long time, I wanted to work with people in a more personal way. I therefore re-trained as a psychologist.


As well as my private practice work, I have worked as a bereavement therapist in South London, in the NHS/IAPT with all manner of mental health presentations, and in a variety of other settings.


I hold the British Psychological Society‘s Qualification in Counselling Psychology, a doctoral-level training which confers chartered psychologist status. My BPS membership number is 378421. I abide by the BPS Code of Ethical Practice. I am also a NIP registered psychologist, a member of the Dutch Person-Centred Association and a EuroPsy registered psychologist.

I am also an associate with FD Consultants, a trauma specialist organisation for first responders and the humanitarian sector.

I gained my Master’s Degree in Person Centred Psychotherapy and Applications at the Metanoia Institute, London.



Level 5 Certificate in Focussing


BPS Qualification in Counselling Psychology (QCop)


MSc, Contemporary Person Centred Psychotherapy and Applications (Metanoia Institute, University of Middlesex)


PG Cert in Evidence-based Psychological Treatments (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) (Charlie Waller Institute, University of Reading)


PG Dip Psychology (Open University). Distinction


PG Dip Counselling (Metanoia Institute)


Msc, Politics of Asia and Africa (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London)


BA, Politics, Philosophy and Economics, (New College, University of Oxford)

Research & CPD

I have conducted and presented research on Bereavement and the Body as part of my MSc thesis, presented at the BACP 2020 research conference.


I am currently undertaking research on LGBTQ+ therapists’ experience of training.

I undertake ongoing CPD, including Working with Nature Therapy, An Introduction to Walking Therapy, Ethics in Psychological Practice, Existential Therapy, Psychological work with Autism, The Inner Critic and Depression.




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